The proposed Eagle’s Nest project has sustainability at the heart of its design and will set a new benchmark in the area of responsible mine development. The highlights of this project include:

  • Extending ourselves beyond the status quo by adopting the latest processes and technologies to develop Eagle’s Nest as a net zero emissions mine.
  • A small footprint (around one square kilometre) and selective underground mining method, resulting in minimal surface disruption.
  • The first mine of its kind to have all its tailings remain underground in the form of backfill, eliminating the need for tailing impoundment areas.
  • Process plant water will be recycled to minimize the discharge of effluents and total water usage.

Ring of Fire Metals is also investigating the application of other sustainable technologies to complement the existing design, including:

  • Using the grid power supplied by developing infrastructure.
  • The use of electric vehicles at site and underground, and hydrogen-fuelled haulage truck fleets.
  • The development of renewable wind power at site and exploring biofuels as a renewable source.
  • The use of ultramafic waste rock to capture and sequester carbon.

Communities and Industry


Ring of Fire Metals supports Ontario’s Critical Minerals Strategy, particularly its emphasis on creating resilient domestic supply chains; investing in innovation, research and labour supply; and, critically, building economic development opportunities with Indigenous communities and businesses. The Ring of Fire has the potential to be a secure, multi-generational source of critical metals to Canadian industry.

Ring of Fire Metals has reaffirmed its commitments to community engagement and local opportunities, which are well aligned to the Province’s ‘grassroots’ strategy:

1. Committing C$25 million toward feasibility studies to investigate the potential for battery material production in Ontario.

We will investigate the potential to produce raw materials to supply the emerging battery market in Ontario, creating a secure critical material supply chain and retaining the maximum proportion of Canada’s precious mineral value within the country.

2. Targeting C$100 million in contract awards to Indigenous businesses.

Through genuine partnership, Ring of Fire Metals will provide opportunities for Indigenous businesses to participate in the economic benefits provided by Ring of Fire development via direct contract awards, assisting with access to capital, and providing practical business support.

3. Creating and sustaining Northern Ontario and Indigenous employment opportunities.

We will establish a Training and Employment Program that provides guaranteed employment for trainees upon completion, empowering Indigenous and regional communities.