26 Apr 2023

Eagle’s Nest Footprint

Did you know that our Eagle’s Nest mine is planned to be underground? The footprint will be smaller than 1 km2. Our plan includes no tailings above ground and no open pit mine, meaning there will be minimal disturbance to the surrounding peatland.

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Eagle's Eye Footprint
Rendering of the planned Eagle’s Nest mine design

So, how does underground mining work? The first step in our plan is to go underground and remove granodiorite rock (not Eagle’s Nest ore). This rock, which is environmentally safe for use above ground, will be used in the construction of the site, airstrip, and regional infrastructure. By removing the granodiorite rock, we also create the space where we will put our tailings back underground.

What are tailings? Tailings are the materials that are left over after we separate the nickel, copper, and platinum group elements from the ore we mine at Eagle’s Nest. Tailings will be combined with cement binder and returned back underground into the spaces created from removing the ore and the granodiorite rock. The plan is for 100% of tailings to be stored underground, eliminating the need for a tailings pond above ground.

During the past decade, we have engaged with numerous industry experts and local communities to determine the most sustainable mine plan. Eagle’s Nest has sustainability and safety at the core of its design and we continue to research ways to further improve our plan as we work towards development.